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Kim and I loved the idea of the MyZone monitor when we saw it at a trade show in Chicago.  We knew our gym would be a great site and our women would love it.  It not only shows you where you need to be - making you work out smarter - but it's a great motivator between friends! I love seeing our ladies push each other to get higher in the zones, burn more calories and earn MEPs (MyZone Effort Points).  I look forward to learning more about heart rate training and bringing it to new classes!

~Christie S


I love using MyZone because it motivates me to get moving and pushes me to my best effort.  I like knowing my progress at the end of the workouts.  It's also fun because it keeps you connected with your fitness friends.

~Yesi L


I love my Myzone. It inspires me to work out more! And who can't use some extra inspiration.  I love competing with the other ladies at the gym and it has helped me reach my weekly goals.  I also love to see my rankings go up.  It has made me healthier! I don't just use it at the gym... I use it when shoveling or just going for walks.

~Denise J


I love using my MyZone and I can't workout without it. it helps me see where I am during my workouts.  The best part is being able to cheer and push each other during classes with this app!

~Kayla W


I love MyZone. It lets me be able to see how effective each workout is.  It gives me accountability in black and white and if I start slacking off, I am able to get back on track. Having a busy schedule and not a lot of free time, it is great to see what workouts make the best of my time.  It also challenges me when I am working out.  Work harder and smarter!

~Jenn D


MyZone is a great tool! I love seeing my effort on the screen.  It keeps me accountable.  I also love seeing my friends working out.  So glad our gym offers this amazing tool.  It makes you want to work out more and push through those tough days.

~Missy B


MyZone is my motivator, my cheerleader, my reward. It suits my every mood, whether I'm training, racing or working off stress.  It shows me immediate reward for my effort and motivates me to get to the next color. MyZone keeps me in touch with my gym friends.  MyZone doesn't let me quit, even when I want to.

~Jeri K


MyZone is for people of all fitness levels.  Tracking your workouts are easy at Core, home or away on vacation.  We cheer and push each other to achieve our goals!

~Monica W


MyZone has been the best thing I've splurged on for my workouts. I quickly discovered why I had stopped seeing results with my workouts. I was no working out as hard as I thought I was. Using MyZone has motivate me to work harder and get the most out of my gym time.

~Angela L


MyZone has helped me achieve higher quality workouts. It is super motivating to know that other people I'm working out with can see my effort project on the TV.  When I workout at home or away from the gym, my friends can see my results and post comments of encouragement.  Overall, MyZone is a great product and helps me get the best of my workouts.

~Jane M